Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Ode to Soap

Most people think of soap when they hear "Amway." And they are right, sort of. Almost 50 years ago the very first Amway product was a soap, Liquid Organic Cleaner. Amway was “green” before the term even existed.

However, I’m not very passionate about soap. Don’t get me wrong. Now that I have children and actually clean my home, I am very appreciative of the cleaners.

What I am passionate about is great health. People want to feel good, they want to have energy and vitality. And I believe that physical ailments, which prevent people from feeling good and energized, are directly related to what they put in their bodies.

That’s why the two product categories I use and promote the most are Health and Beauty.

When I say “beauty” I’m actually concerned about the health of one’s skin. So what you put on your skin —including skin care products and cosmetics—affects the health of your largest organ.

Nutrilite and Artistry are the two brands that the corporation is promoting in their national ad campaign. This makes good business sense, since both are at the top of their industries and generate more than 60% of Amway’s almost $7 billion annual revenues.

Here's the one-minute commercial:

A couple of weeks ago I attended the National Spotlight for Amway Global/Quixtar at McCormick Place in Chicago. The expo was 40,000 square feet. (To put that in perspective, a football field is about 48,000 square feet.)

Artistry and Nutrlite dominated the area, with XS Energy Drink having a sizable booth in the Nutrlite area.

And tucked in a corner, like crazy but lovable Uncle Charlie in the basement, not measuring more than 10' x 15' was the “Soap” section, aka Home Care. Not sexy. Not hip. But reliable green cleaners.

The guys in lab coats were demonstrating the L.O.C. Kitchen Cleaner, which kicked the crud out of 409. And they also had the SA8 Laundry Detergent on display next to Tide.

What’s in Tide to create all that cloudiness?

Notice the serving size of Tide.

And all the lovely residue left on the Tide clothes.

Hey, come to think of it...most of the time we are wearing clothing...and clothing sits right next to our bodies, our skin. So maybe SA8 should be in the Health category since skin is our largest organ, and what we put on it has an effect on health.

Hmmm...Someone call Marketing!


Anonymous said...

Excellent insight... I'll be putting SA8 into my presentation along with Gensona, Nutrilite, and Time Defiance!!!

Seriously though, you make a very good point... it IS related to healthy skin and skin care... and is hypo-allergenic. :)

Beth Dornan said...

I'm with you, Bridgett -- clean is healthy and clean can be green as well.

Glad you enjoyed Spotlight!

visioneer said...


Thanks for the reminder of how important SA8 is to our overall product line! Balancing out Health and Beauty with Home Care gives us a a much more diversified product line and continues to separate us from the "competition".

The Big Apple said...

. . . Or, maybe SA8 should be in the beauty category. Look at how fashion fits in with beauty, and keeping those fashionable fabrics clean is part of looking good.

Wow. SA8 is part of both health and beauty.

And doesn't a clean home reflect upon your image? . . .

TWS said...

Thanks for the insight on the national spotlight event. I heard they are comparable in scope and professionalism to the Achievers Expos with a good emphasis on customers as well. Amway Global surely knows how to "go all out"!