Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Land of Ada--Part Two

So we chatted with Anna way more briefly than I would have liked, and then Susan kept the train moving. We were on our way to a different department, when I passed by an office with a nameplate I recognized.

I said, "Hi Randy! I met you in January out in California!" If there were two people who had polar opposite personalities, it would probably be us.

Randy was cordial, stepped out from behind his desk and greeted us in the hallway.

It was mentioned, maybe I explained how I knew Susan, of my online presence. And the mere mention of the conversation occurring online about this business was met with...quiet reserve.

He let me know that he never goes online to check out the conversation. I was a bit caught off-guard. Was he being dismissive?

Given the nature of his work, overseeing those who work with the IBO Plats, wouldn't be helpful to know what "the field" experiences in regards to online reputation and how it affects their ability to grow their businesses?

I had questions to seek clarity but time was ticking and we were moving down the hallway.

(Update 7/11: I got some clarification. He's very on top of the conversation. Just not directly spending the time online. Smart guy. This conversation takes a heap more time that I ever would have imagined! My apologies for any mischaracterization.)

To be continued...


Susan said...

Speedy Susan always likes to keep the train moving. Where's Part 3? Do tell about meeting with the Ribbon and Personal Accents Brand Managers-and Char from Training. Thanks for the compliment, Bridgett. We are friends! sjw

ajgannon said...

Who's Randy? I recall a Randy Bancino. I probably spelled the name wrong. I think I remember IBOCS (voicemail) messages from Randy Bancino, or heard him speak at a function.

I make a trip to Quixtar/ Amway Global once every few months to pick up an order and return 700 empty XS cans. Is it possible for me to see more of the Corporation besides just the loading dock and the lobby area were I ask which bay I should drive my car into?