Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Response

About 40 minutes ago I destroyed our kitchen/dining room table.

Unintentionally, I did something stupid, which resulted in the top of the table being broken in two.

I’m all alone right now, as Matt took the kids downtown while I tend to some “chores”.

After the initial shock of what I did, the few moments of regret, and the even fewer moments of beating myself up for my moment of idiocy, I realized that this would mean we’d have to buy a new table.

Great. Not. I can think of other ways I’d rather use our money.

I texted Matt: “I just severely broke the dining room table beyond repair.”

His response: “It’s about time!”

Well, that sure put things in perspective. We purchased this table brand new---17 years ago.

New perspective: “Wow! How grateful I am that our table lasted 17 years!”

Thanks, honey.

Okay, back to my chores.


bernsber said...

You should have done it last week when we were there. That would have been fun! :D

ajgannon said...

I picture you in a baggy Karate uniform, complete with a strip of black cloth tied across your forehead. You stand in total focus as you stare menacingly at the solid oak dining table. Your power is unleashed with a courageous yell, "Eeeeeyyyyyaaah!!!" as you swing your arm down from above. The side of your hand hits the top of the table like a hatchet, instantly breaking it in two.

Bridgett said...

Oh how I wish it were that cool of a story. :)

Matt said...

I'm just glad I wasn't the one who broke it....i tend to be the Designated Klutz around the home.
Nice piece, B!