Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not A Lazy Sunday

One of the benefits of having little ones, is being "forced" to have a good time and explore, even when I don't necessarily want to put in the effort.

Today was one of those days when I would have been perfectly content with a lazy Sunday, enjoying our air-conditioned home in this 90-degree heat.

Instead we took a drive to The Morton Arboretum.

We got there in time to watch some students of Japanese Drumming. Here's a tiny snipet of the wonderful 45-minute performance we happened upon.

A few years ago, the arboretum smartly added the Children's Garden. Cater to the kids, and everyone else will follow.

After climbing and exploring in the garden, we made friends with some of David Rogers' Big Bugs.

The final stop was the Maze Garden. For close to an hour, the Maze captivated the kids. The first time we found our way to the 12-foot high watchtower, I stayed there, enjoying the view as Matt and the kids found other pathways. Our son's loud giggles let me know where they were even when they were out of my sight.

An added bonus on these not-so-lazy days is the kids go to bed and sleep very well.

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Anonymous said...

Bridgett, great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. My bro-in-law is taking the kids on a trip to the Rockies and Banff, where they all went last year.

Regarding your sub-head question, my recollection from university physics lo those many years ago is that it depends on the frame of reference of the observer. How's that for a reply? Einstein basically asked himself a similar question riding the streetcar to work at the Swiss Patent Office everyday, where he was working when he formulated his Special and General theories of relativity.