Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ada and The Impromptu Meeting--Part Four

The final stop on our journey was with Char. At the last minute before leaving for camp, I emailed Alison, who is the Director of Training and Education, to let her know of our visit. I had met Alison about six months ago at the Center for Optimal Health.

It was a very brief interaction in which I introduced myself, and she introduced herself. I realized who she was and she realized who I was--"Blogger Bridgett". I then apologized for being a bit harsh in one of my blog comments over at Opportunity Zone regarding the distracting acting abilities of an actress on one of the Quixtar University videos. Alison was more than gracious to me. :)

So I had emailed Alison, guessing her email address. Not all that challenging to do, but I digress. I guessed accurately and she said she'd be on vacation but that Char would love to speak with me.

Okay, so Char, Matt, the kids, and I enter a conference room. I scope out the place like only a mother of almost five-year-old twins can, and wonder how much time we have to talk before my kids slowly rip the place to shreds.

Char brilliantly sets them up with Sharpies and large pieces of presentation paper at the conference table, while she, Matt, and I sit in the cozy chairs set up like a living room.

To my recollection, Char has a background in academia in the classroom, and so her command of the English language and ability to communicate and gather (dig) for information is impressive. She's also good with numbers. A pretty powerful combination of skills to have when you're attempting to help IBOs with their selling skills.

She and Matt were in Words-and-Numbers Heaven as they bantered back and forth with great ease.

I hope the spur-of-the-moment meeting was helpful, though I really can't recall if I said anything intelligent or relevant. I look at it as an all-too-brief introduction to future conversations. :)

Our time was up and Char guided us out through the maze back to where we started.

We checked out the cafeteria, bowed down to the XS Energy Drink Vending Machine and also discovered that all employees get complimentary Double X, the premium supplement in the world.

We got back in the van, headed back to Chicago, the kids drifted off to sleep, we drove through a downpour of rain, and Matt and I tried to make sense of the three-hour whirlwind that had just occurred.

Gilligan's Island Theme Song Fade In: Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...for a three-hour tour. A three-hour tour.

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Char said...

Bridgett is so modest!

First of all, she gave great insights into our training: what works, what doesn’t, and what is needed. Things can never get better until we are willing to give constructive feedback to each other. That takes courage. Thanks, Bridgett.

Secondly, it’s always good for those of us at Corporate to see the world through the eyes of those we are trying to serve. Bridgett’s eyes are unusually observant. Many great insights.

Most impressive may have been the twins! Budding entrepreneurs (Zach pitched XS to his class for Show-and-Tell) and artists (Check out that picture of Maggie Rose. It actually looks like her.)