Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Too-Brief Visit to Ada--Part One

It’s not every day we are in Michigan, and only a stone’s throw away from Quixtar/Amway Global. So on our way back from camp, I thought we’d drop on by for a couple of hours.

I arranged our visit with Susan, a lovely woman and one of the most responsive employees at the Corp. I “met” Susan through her blog and she’s someone, who, regardless of our Q/AG connection, I’d befriend.

We arrived in "Mecca" and we had no idea which building, exactly, we were to visit. The place is a small city, about a square mile. No joke.

So first we came upon a gate with this sign.

1.9 or 19 miles an hour? Either way, very specific these Q/AG folk are.

Wrong building. Make a call. Within three minutes, we get to the correct building.

Susan brought us upstairs to meet some folks. The place was rather quiet, with many people on vacation, including Beth. Beth’s assistant Teresa kindly gave the kids and my husband lollipops, as well as other food items that they raided from Beth’s office.

First we found Robin in his palatial office, and I took a quick pic. The only pic I took of the gang, since I didn’t want people to feel awkward with "Blogger Bridgett" in the building.

Robin, whom I also met through his blog, and later met in person in Prague, used us as an excuse to get off the phone with someone who, apparently, talked an awful lot.

We then met Anna, who’s known of me through my comments on the Corporate Blogs. And this is when I knew that a couple of hours was just not enough time for a visit.
To Be Continued...

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Beth Dornan said...

Bridgett: Sorry I missed you last week.

Was away on my own family R&R but would have loved to have meet you and the whole Baron brood.

To clear up the speed limit mystery (which is a bit of a joke around here), the speed limit is actually 19 mph on complex but the bolt on the sign makes it appear to be 1.9 mph. You think it's funny until you get a ticket for exceeding 19 mph!

And, congrats on the launch of the blog!

Beth Dornan