Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ada a.k.a. Land of Gazillion Products--Part Three

Our next stop was meeting some neat ladies--Brand Managers for Ribbon and Personal Accents.
Laura and Kim showed me the newest addition to the Ribbon Gift Albums/Cards available in September called "Celebrate!" Veeery sharp.

Ribbon is the way to go for gift-giving, for so many reasons (perhaps more on that in a later post).

Amy told me that the photography for the new Personal Accents Jewerly catalog has improved. Not that the photography in the past was bad. It wasn't. It's just that the jewerly looks even more amazing live and in person.

Amy flipped through a mock-up of some Personal Accents literature with me being quoted as a "Personal Accents Consultant".

There it was in black and white: a quote, my name, and the title "Personal Accents Consultant".

Two things came to mind in that moment:

1) Being quoted in print. Matt's been in journalism for almost 25 years (he started young) and crafted thousands of stories, containing words that people have uttered. Now being one of those people was a bit unnerving. I would never make it in the public eye!

2) My title. Am I Personal Accents Consultant? Sure.
That would then also mean that I'm:

*a Nutrlite Consultant
*an Artistry Consultant
*an XS Energy Drink Consultant
*a Ribbon Consultant
*an eSpring Consultant
* an iCook
*an Atmosphere Consultant
*a Perfect Water Consultant
*an SA8/L.O.C./Pursue/Dish Drops Consultant
*a Body Series/Glister/Satinique Consultant

and, the most attractive one to me is Gihugic Business Opportunity Consultant.

Try to fit all that on a business card!

To be continued in the fourth and final installment...


IBOFightback - Fighting the Amway Myths said...

Don't forget "Blogger" on one of those business cards!

Enjoying the posts Bridgett, keep 'em coming!

Oh, and you're now on the blogroll at Amway Watch

Gihugic? ROFL!

Anonymous said...

I'm broken-hearted... all that but you're NOT a Personalized Health Consultant??? :)

Wonderful posts, please keep them up... got you on RSS feed!!!

With appreciation,

Kim Burns said...

Your visit was the highlight of my day! Stop and see us again sometime! Kim