Thursday, July 3, 2008

XS Energy Drink--Heaven on Earth

Okay not really, but those were the words Matt, my husband, uttered yesterday when we discovered an XS Energy Drink vending machine in the Quixtar/Amway Global cafeteria.

We had been away from home and away from XS for about four days. We stopped over at the Corp and met some lovely people (more on that later) on our way back to Chicagoland.

As we are leaving, Matt was craving an XS. I mean, here we are at the Corp that has exclusive rights to the stuff, and there isn't any to be found.

We are about to leave, and I notice a cafeteria off the lobby. So we venture in and notice a few things (more on that later). Matt's ready to go and starts to head out with the kids to the van.

I then notice, way in the back, the very last vending machine is selling XS for a dollar!

I run, yes run, back to the lobby and as I see my family exiting the building, I yell, "Matt! There's XS for a dollar! In a vending machine!"

The receptionist probably thought we were nuts as Matt hurried the kids back inside as we made a mad dash to the back of the cafeteria.

Needless to say, after we figured out how to use the vending machine (as this video shows) we bought seven cans, all different flavors, and drank four of them (two each) on our three-hour drive back home.

Oh the simple pleasures in life...some have their Starbucks, we have our XS Energy Drink. :)


bernsber said...

Love the kids in the daughter is only at the gabbing and babbling stage.

Seeing other people with young kids makes me so much happier now that I have my own.....:)

j4.1776 said...

ha!! isnt that funny. people dont realize good stuff they have until they DONT have it!

it gets harder and harder while traveling, especially by plane, to be able to take those with you, along with the protien shakes and now the we start drop shipping cases to our hotels before we get there now.


Anonymous said...


Have you been smoking crack? XS has to be the most gawd awful drink I've ever tossed in a trash can!

Bridgett said...

"Anonymous", perhaps you chose a flavor which was not suitable to your tastes? XS comes in ten (10) different flavors.

It's a good thing that Quixtar/Amway Global offers a six-month money-back guarantee on all the products they offer--even if the product has been opened--if people are not 100% completely satisfied.

Instead of throwing it in the trash can, you could have put that XS back in the box and attached the PRE-PAID postage return label and gotten all your money back.

Considering that XS started with two flavors and is now up to ten flavors, plus three caffeine-free versions, and two syrups for businesses like juice bars, restaurants, coffee stands, etc., a few people, besides lil ol' me, must like the product. :)

What’s really helpful is the Variety Pack SKU# 748178,so that one can taste all the flavors available in one 12-pack.

By the way, I prefer the sugar-free, low carb energy of the 4900% USRDA of vitamin B12 in XS over crack. Much healthier choice don't ya think?

ajgannon said...

Here's my XS withdrawal story. A few years ago Quixtar enabled you to place a pick-up order at the Spaulding Service Center on-line. Prior to this new feature you could only place pick-up orders by talking to customer service on the telephone. I placed one of my first on-line pick-up orders shortly after New Years Day, probably January second. The order went through, no problem. I had my little Honda car all loaded up with my empty returnable XS cans, and made the two hour-plus trip West across southern Michigan. When I got to the entrance to the Service Center it was gated shut. "Nooooooooooo!" I just assumed that since I was able to successfully place the pick-up order for that date, they would be open. They were closed for an extended New Year's holiday. The other really horrible thing besides the wasted trip was that I was completely out of XS. I even finished off the caffeine-free versions that tend to get neglected. I had to work the rest of the week at my physically demanding job as an artisan bread baker with no XS. However, my business support team was having the Winter Conference business seminar the following weekend. I visited the "tool room" Friday night and they had cases of XS for sale. I bought a 12-pack of Cherry Blast, my favorite flavor. Since it was January in Toledo, Ohio, the XS was perfectly chilled during it's trip on the delivery vehicle. I consumed the entire case during the seminar event, in little more than 24 hours. "Heaven on Earth" indeed!

InsideEdgePR said...

I should note that it's not a wad of tobacco in my mouth, just a big honkin' lollipop that the fine folks at Quixtar/Amway had provided to the kids (I'm the third kid, as the video reveals.)

j4.1776 said...

hmph~ why are they always anonymous?

and while people of the sorts that always seem to have a problem with any of the products prices, why on earth do they throw them away and not return them?!?

well, i guess Forests' mom was right, stupid is as stupid does.

ajgannon said...


I suppose every successful blog has to have a joker. (I'm referring to "anonymous".)

visioneer said...


Wow, I was wondering why you haven't been posting as much on the Oppzone!! Very nice blog, I definitely have to take a look at that Ferris Beuller movie again!

Oh and getting to the post. How does j4.1776 get things sent to the hotel if your only staying there a few days? I didn't think they would accept a delivery if you ship it before you check-in?

j4.1776 said...


just call the hotel that you are going to be staying at and ask what thier recieving process is. some hotels are different then others. some will charge you by the pound, while others have a per box diem, and others have no charge at all.

if you are staying at a motel 6, super 8, etc...places like that, i cant say what they would do. we usually stay at a double tree, suite-type place, or a westin/W place.

after platinum, it gets easier to stay at those nicer places, some trips you dont even pay for the hotel because it is achievers, etc. but until we were platinums and above, we usualy were at the "motel" type places.

also, be sure to look up what the ship date is for that hotel too so that you can be sure to order on time.

hope that helps.