Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Frantic Hours Before Leaving Home

Why is it that I feel this need to have every single itsy bitsy part of my life in order before leaving tomorrow morning?

It's stressful enough to pack the kids, my husband, and myself for a four-day family camp adventure, without me feeling like I need every dish cleaned, every article of clothing washed, every perishable food consumed, and every email answered.

I cleaned the top of the refrigerator. I inputted all financial info into my Money software and reconciled all statements up to today. And here I am writing an entry for a blog that no one even knows about yet. Why? All of this could've waited another few days.

Maybe getting away from the daily activities, or even knowing that I'm going to get away, out of my routine, makes me look at things around me differently. Realizing all the things that I should've been taking care of up to this point, but haven't for whatever logical or illogical reason I choose to assign.

I am looking forward to our time away. Really away. We are headed up to Newaygo, Michigan to Camp Harvest. Looking to arrive by dinnertime tomorrow, Sunday, and leaving by lunchtime on Wednesday.

650 amazing acres. Here's some info about how this camp came to be: Camp Harvest

We'll be there with 19 other families--one cabin per family. Here's what we are to expect:
7:00 A.M. Showers open
7:55 A.M. Meet at the flagpole
8:05 A.M. Breakfast
8:45 A.M. Session 2 (Adults downstairs and children upstairs in Dining Hall)
10:00 A.M. Family activities
12:00 P.M. Lunch
1:00 P.M. Family games on field
2:00 P.M. Family cabin time
3:00 P.M. Family activities
5:30 P.M. Flagpole
5:45 P.M. Dinner
6:30 P.M. Kids' games on field
8:00 P.M. Session 3 (Adults downstairs and children upstairs in Dining Hall)
9:00 P.M. Canteen and campfires

Don't know if my almost 5-year olds will be able to handle such long, active days...don't know if I will be!

Okay, need to make a plan for tomorrow morning and get the packing list together before going to bed. I have a feeling I'll be catching a little shut-eye on the four-hour drive.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Am I A Blogger?

It was one year and nine days ago that I posted my first comment on a blog. It was a corporation's blog, so I didn't feel as cheesy.

My plan was to say (rant) what I had to say and then move on with my life. Well, that was the plan. The reality is that I got sucked in to the blog world.

So much so, that last March, I was flown to Prague by that corporation to be part of a panel discussion on blogging and how it affects the reputation of a company.

They actually thought I had something worth contributing to their sixty or so P.R. people from around the world.

Is that crazy, or what?

Anyway, that was over three months ago. And at that time, I made it clear that I had absolutely no desire to have my own blog, like some of the other panelists had. That I would stick to commenting on other people's blogs.

I mean, why? Why blog? What's the point?

How much (or how little) do I share of my life when I know the whole universe can access my little world here?

Bi-zarre if you ask me.

Well, let's see where this all takes me...