Saturday, August 28, 2010


"Soccer is awesome."

"I had the most awesome cake today."

"You are an awesome mom."

So that cake, that soccer, that person inspires awe in you?

Awe is an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration and fear.

When we use  magnificent language to describe non-magnificent things, what words do we have left to describe that which truly is awesome?

Monday, August 2, 2010

MacGyver Mom

In the 1980s, there was a popular television show called "MacGyver". If you go to YouTube, there is a channel devoted to the show which says, "MacGyver is a series about a quiet and mild mannered secret agent who makes use of any mundane materials around him to create unorthodox solutions to any problem he faces"

MacGyver has been spoofed many times, showing him, under pressure and with a time limit, taking something like a bubble gum wrapper, a shoelace, and some spit, and turning it in to a high-tech radar device.

So in our home, my husband has dubbed me "MacGyver Mom" whenever I do something kind of along those lines.

My most recent MacGyver moment was when we were all heading out the door, in a rush to get somewhere, and my daughter's sandal broke. For whatever reason (real or in her head) she couldn't wear another pair of shoes. So MacGyver Mom grabbed the shoe, grabbed a stapler, and voilĂ , we were out the door in under a minute.

What is one of your MacGyver moments?