Thursday, February 10, 2011

How's That Working For You?

I've been possessed by Mrs. Kravitz for the last week. Sure I can blame it on being sick for an unusual extended period of time (four days instead of my 24-hour annual bug). Or the blizzard that brought us two feet of snow and sub-zero weather. Or the 67% state income tax hike. Or...whatever.

The point is that I became so cranky and grumpy, that I started repelling my own self. Kind of hard to get away from the problem when you are the problem!

The turning point was when I heard my own voice yelling out my window to a stranger doing something of which I didn't approve. Now okay, what he was doing wasn't right. But my shrill voice was so...horrible. As I'm hearing myself, I'm thinking, "Who are you? Have gone mad?"

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" ~God

Self awareness is good. It is the first step to change.

And the how to change is not the hard part. There are plenty of resources on how to change. Everybody and their mother has got a book, a seminar, a this or that, on how to change every aspect of one's life. And all those are worthless if you don't have a passionate desire to change.

So do I want to change? Are there things that I'd like to be different? Do I want to be different?

I'm practical when it comes to personal growth. No fancy explanations or deep character analysis. I have a simple question I ask myself to determine if I'm fed up to the point of being willing to do things differently, and to be uncomfortable as I re-work those deep grooves called "habits."

How's that working for you?

How's that working for you being a Debbie Downer?
How's that working for you seeing all the obstacles and none of the possibilities?
How's that working for you complaining (out loud or in your head) about everything and everyone?
How's that working for you talking poorly (out loud or in your head) about the people you claim to love?
How's that working for you not working out consistently?
How's that working for you not going to bed at a reasonable hour?
How's that working for you not being prepared?
How's that working for you being someone that you don't want to be around?
How's that working for you having a pity party?
How's that working for you not healthily feeding your soul, your mind, and your spirit?
How's that working for you _______________________________________

When I answer "IT'S NOT WORKING FOR ME,"  is when things get moving in a different direction.