Thursday, August 14, 2008

Road Trip

We headed Eastbound toward New England to visit Matt's family on Wednesday.

Matt and I debated the best strategy to conquer this thousand-mile journey with two five-year olds.

We opted to start our drive only a couple hours before the kids' bedtime, which allowed us to cover almost 500 miles without needing to give much attention to the kids.

About an hour away from Erie Pennsylvania we called a couple of hotels and chose to rest for a few hours at a Marriot TownePlace Suites. The kids woke up as we carried them to the room, and they started to explore and enjoy the hotel room equipped with a galley kitchen.

Our son proceeded to ask at least a dozen questions, including if the refrigerator had a butter dish, before they drifted off to sleep, looking mighty cozy with their fluffy white pillows and down comforter. It was actually a really nice room, very clean, nicely decorated, and comfortable. Too bad we were there for less than nine hours to enjoy it!

Then we were off on the road again, with next 5o0 miles not as quiet as the first. (see video below)

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bernsber said...


Now just imagine seven of those spunkers in a car, and you'll know what my parents had to deal with.....:D I love kids!

Have fun on the east coast, I'll be there in a few weeks!