Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ribbon Gift Collections

I asked the kids what they each wanted for their 5th birthday. Both said, "The book Cayla got." About two months ago, they were invited to a birthday party and gave Cayla a Klutz Ribbon of Choice.

Ribbon is like a gift card in some respects, and better than a gift card in other respects:

1) It's easy and convenient. I give the recipient the album and/or the gift card, they choose and redeem online, and the gift gets sent right to their door.

2) It fits any budget. The Ribbons range in price from $25 to $500 (all prices include shipping of the gift!).

3) Unlike traditional gift cards, a recipient gets a full gift without having to dip in to their own pocket. With traditional gift cards, a person goes to the store to redeem it, and it’s a game of picking something out that is close to the gift card dollar amount, without going too much over, so that they don’t have to shell out too much additional money to get their gift.

4) It offers popular name-brand gifts such as adidas, Ghirardelli, Cuisinart and Sony.

5) It's personal. Rather than giving someone just one step removed from cash, they receive an actual present without knowing exactly how much you spent.

6) It's a success. You know that the person is getting what they really want, because they get to choose.

7) It's backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and great customer service. If anything is wrong with the gift card/album or the gift, a solution is right in sight with no hassles.

8) It's backed by Amway Global, a 50-year solid company, with no fears of Chapter 11, like some traditional gift card issuers are currently facing.

9) It's for all gift-giving needs--personal and professional. Currently there are 19 different albums to choose from , with some "specialty" albums designed specifically for occasions like a wedding or baby shower; or to fit a special focus like my favorite "Pamper" for those who need a little TenderLovingCare.

10) Coupled with Quixtar/Amway Global's patented DITTO program, Ribbon is an easy and efficient way to budget and fulfill your gift-giving needs throughout the entire year.

I am a big fan of Ribbon, and I guess now so are my kids!

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visioneer said...

Don't forget the new "Celebrate" Album coming out in September!

With a $40 Retail price, it sounds like another winner from Amway Global!