Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Pair of Sox

I haven’t been to a ballgame in years, so I was surprised at all the non-baseball activity occurring at a recent White Sox-Red Sox game.

Baseball is a slow activity, so I’m assuming that they’ve had to liven things up a bit to capture and hold people’s attention.

Throughout the game Matt happily pelted me with stats, which I have probably retained less than two percent of all those facts and figures.

We were in season ticket holders’ seats, so we had to be undercover as we rooted for the Red Sox. Kind of an interesting experience: To be excited on the inside and neutral on the outside.

We saw:

Billy Dee Williams throw out the first pitch

The U.S. Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs descend on the field (see video below)

The cast of Jersey Boys sing the National Anthem

People around us consuming energy-giving (not) items like beer, soda, Cracker Jack, Super Ropes, hot dogs, and nachos.

Oh and by the way, Red Sox beat the White Sox 5-1.

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Matt said...

Nice reporting, Bridge! Twas a great time, indeed, and glad the Red Sox broke up that no-hitter in the 7th and then poured it on for their 5-1 triumph!