Friday, September 26, 2008

Amway Partners With Tina Turner: Mobile Marketing Is Simply the Best

This week, I had the privilege of feasting my eyes on Amway Global's Mobile Brand Experience.

It's one thing to read the description, and a whole different deal to see the Artistry motor coach and the Nutrilite semi-trailer up close and personal.

The Artistry vehicle is like a mini Artistry Beauty Institute. The products are nicely displayed along the walls, with salon chairs in the back, ready to pamper visitors.

right side of motor coach

back of motor coach

left side of motor coach

The Nutrilite vehicle is a whopping 1,000 square feet, modeled after Nutrilite's Center for Optimal Health. Inside it looks like a multi-media bountiful farm.

right side of semi-trailer

back right side of semi-trailer

left side of semi-trailer

I found out that Bob, a gentleman I met in January at Nutrilite in California, will be on the road with the semi-trailer. He is super knowledgeable, super passionate about health, and super entertaining!

Bob holding up the tablet of Double X we created.

The 20+ plant concentrates that we used make Nutrilite's flagship supplement, Double X.

And where will the vehicles be? For the next couple of months, they will be traveling across the country for the Tina Turner Concert Tour, which starts on October 1st in Kansas City.


TWS said...

Thanks for the info as one of the first IBOs to lay eyes on the mobile experience and share it with the online community.

These are going to be a great addition to the brand awareness campaign!

visioneer said...

Thanks for the scoop Bridgett! Awesome stuff! The look is first class and I'm sure clients and IBO's will be impressed!

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Anonymous said...

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