Friday, September 3, 2010

The Power Brands--Artistry and Nutrilite

This is Part Three of our visit to the Welcome Center at Amway. Here is Amway Visit Part One and Amway Visit Part Two.

We then headed over to the Artistry section. It was a highlight of my visit. I really wanted to use this machine.
First, you want to sit comfortably on that black stool, unlike me. Then you rest your chin inside, close your eyes, and it takes five flash images. Within a minute or two, the computer screen displays your skin analysis. So cool!

Next we moved over to the Nutrilite section.
"By growing, harvesting, and processing plants on its own certified organic farms, Nutrilite is able to include a wide array of high-quality plant nutrients in its products."

Lots of information on the oldest (76 years) and largest ($3 billion in annual sales) global supplement company.

Lots of information on health and what factors (air, hydration, diet, lifestyle choices) contribute to the aging process.

My kids' favorite display was learning how a Nutrilite tablet is made, because at the end, you pull the lever and a gold coin pops out. They did it four times, giggling each time, before mamma had to distract them and get us all out of there before the Amway police were called.

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