Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Microsoft Tags...Have You Seen Them?

I was flipping through an Artistry catalog, and after having it for about a month and looking it a half a dozen times, I finally investigated the little colorful squares that appear on a couple of the pages.

These squares are called "tags." And the purpose, is to direct you to digital content like a video or a website.

How do they work?
*First you download the application gettag.mobi on to your phone.
*Launch the app and scan the tag with your phone. Scanning means holding your phone a certain distance and then let the app "find" the tag. My phone gave a little vibrate when it captured the tag.

*Your phone will then take you to a web address which will, in the case of Artistry's Ultimate Confidence Campaign catalog, show a one-minute video.

I like the mobility that these tags provide, like being able to show a quick video on my phone, because the tags are now in my history that I can pull up anytime.

But I'm thinking that these tags (which could be placed anywhere, even on a billboard) have more impact for those who are high tech and more mobile, like the younger generations. Are their phones the primary way they go online? Are laptops so 20th century?

For more info, even on how to create your own tags, visit the Microsoft Tag website  at tag.microsoft.com


Nadia said...

Great Article Bridgett! Thanks for sharing your experience in discovering Microsoft Tag!

Have you seen them outside the Magazine world?

Bridgett said...

Thanks Nadia. :)
I have not seen these in any other place. But I'm sure that's more because I was ignorant of them!
I see this is the new "visit us at www.yaddayaddayadda.com."
Forget about typing in a URL, or even going somewhere so general. The MTags allow the creator to be very specific, very intentional, as to where the user goes quickly and easily.
:) :) :)