Saturday, July 3, 2010

What To Do With 27 Cents...

I received my lowest residual check ever. A whopping 27 cents. Actually the gross is 41 cents, but Uncle Sam took his 34% cut and left me with 27 cents.
There was an enclosed letter from SAG (Screen Actors Guild) explaining how I can donate my residual check. Great to see this. Oh, but wait...I would have to mail it out to donate it. Do you think I should pay 44 cents to mail a 27-cent check?
I don't, but obviously Entertainment Partners (the payroll company) and SAG did, each--EP to SAG and then SAG to me.


rocket said...

Just wondering, had you ever thought of actively pursuing an acting career? I think you've made mention that you had received training in that area?

Bridgett said...

My first career was an acting career. I started acting professionally (union) since I was 11 years old back in the early 80s. This particular residual check is from one episode of a TV series I acted on in the early 90s (a short-lived, not very sucessful one, hence the very low $$. Surprised it's still being viewed/bought by someone somewhere in the world in order to still generate residuals).