Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SUPPORT: Often The Missing Ingredient for Success

Here is a two-hour talk condensed in to three minutes.

My favorite is his acronym for C.R.A.P. :)

While this is spot on info, I find that what is often missing in these recipes for success is SUPPORT.

And when I say "support" I'm not talking about providing more information to consume. Seventeen different ways of saying the same thing, packaged in twelve different formats.

I'm talking about accountability from another person or other people. Most people understand forced-discipline, but very few possess self-discipline.

Helping another person stay accountable to their goals is one of the most time-consuming endeavors. It is much easier to write a book, give a talk, hold a seminar, than it is to actively mentor someone.

And it's much less confrontive to read a book, listen to a talk, attend a seminar, than it is to actively be mentored by someone.

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Shaun said...

I love this TED talk. TED is flippen awesome. So much good stuff in those talks. Great find. I think I may have to add that video to my blog at one point ;). I'll give you all the credit.