Friday, October 24, 2008

XS Gold: Energy Plus-Functional Energy

About six years ago, I was introduced to XS Energy Drink. I was not a Starbucks drinker nor an energy drink consumer. So at first glance, this XS thing didn't really grab my attention.

Then I read the ingredients, particularly the large amount of B12 as well as the adaptogenic herbs.

No sugars, no or low carbs, plus the fact that all the flavors actually taste good, separated XS from other energy drinks on the market.

Coming from the land of television and movies, I was educated on the virtues of vitamin B12. I received my first B12 shot back in 1992. The set medic came in our office and administered a shot to anyone who was interested in increasing energy and decreasing stress. Considering that we were working 14-hour days, everyone was interested!

Sixteen years later, I'm glad there's an easier, less expensive, less painful, and a tasty way of getting my B12.

And now as a mom of twins, needing energy and ridding myself of stress seem to be two high priorities for me--and my family, 'cause when mama's happy, everybody's happy!

Now comes XS Gold: Energy Plus. This is not a new flavor of XS. This is a whole new beverage. I've had a few cans over the last week and I have to say, it is powerful.

It's like XS Energy Drink is the foundation, and then some:

The amount of B12 has been increased to 480 mcg (8000% of the RDI). For comparison, a typical B12 shot is 1,000 mcg.

It contains 125 mg of the functional food, Essentra. I'm impressed by the natural way Essentra helps the body to:
reduce stress,
gain mental clarity,
support emotional balance,
enhance energy.

(This translates for me and my world: How to happily answer 349 questions from two 5-year-olds as I prepare breakfast, get them ready for school, unload the dishwasher, brush my teeth, kiss my husband good-bye, send him off with a smile and a wave, remember the 27 errands to be done, etc. etc. etc.)

And if all that weren't enough, XS Gold: Energy Plus also has a half-dose of the RDI of vitamins and minerals, plus acai, blackberries, blueberries, mangosteen, pomegranates, and red grapes.

It tastes pretty terrific too. It's lightly carbonated and has a rich berry flavor.

XS created this comparison chart of their competitors. (click on the chart to enlarge it)

I've not tried any of these. I'm sure they are good products. I just don't see how any of these are XS Gold: Energy Plus' competition. To me it looks like XS Gold: Energy Plus is all three of these products combined.

In other words, wouldn't I have to drink all three products to get similar benefits from one can of XS Gold: Energy Plus? Looking online, I would pay a total of $7.50 for these three drinks compared to $2.99 for XS Gold: Energy Plus.

I like the effect and I like the price of XS Gold: Energy Plus. I'm gonna go for the Gold.


Anonymous said...


If I send you $10, can you mail me a couple of cans? :)

Just kidding, but you have whetted my appetite big time! Looking forward to my delivery of the product!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you getting a good dosage of vitamin B12 from taking Double X daily (375%). Seems to me the only special ingredient in XS Gold over what you're already consuming daily through Nutrilite and regular XS is Essentra.

Bridgett said...


1) Though I wish everyone on the planet took Double X, because it’s the best supplement in the world, not everyone has a budget for Double X.

2) Double X with 22.5 mcg has a healthy dose of B12. However, considering that a B12 shot has 1,000 mcg, I am looking for more B12 than what Double X provides.

3) And as far as consuming "regular" XS, personally I don't think I'd drink a "regular" XS on the same day as XS Gold, IF I'm only going to have one drink a day (given my size, 105 lbs, I think I only need one functional energy drink a day for my "normal" routine).

Just to clarify:
XS Gold, is a "regular" XS, and then adds extra B12 (an additional 186 mcg), Essentra, vitamins, minerals, and fruits with an ORAC of almost 1,100.

To be clear, XS Gold is not for everyone. I don't think everyone can handle it, quite honestly!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me the numbers. I always love looking at the data. It gives me a clear vision on how to explain the product.

Unknown said...

Do you know if there will be a larger size for this one?

Bridgett said...

Welcome jonathan!

I don't know for sure, but I doubt it.

Personally, I don't know if I'd be able to handle more than the current can size. :)

Anonymous said...

Good information Bridget!!!!!

Unknown said...

I have my neighbor buying XS GOLD instead of "5-Hour Energy". It tastes exactly the same to her, but as the chart shows, it's better for her. "5-hour" has been doing a lot of advertising, so demand will be there for the crossover sell to XS GOLD.