Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tina Turner: One Hot Ticket

Have you ever tried to explain an amazing event to someone? You end up saying, "Well, you just had to be there."

That's how I feel about the Tina Turner Concert. We saw Tina (from the eighth row!--Thanks Amway Global!) on Monday at the Allstate Arena. Without spoiling it for those who will be catching her tour around the country, and the world, here are some pictures and videos.

Tina knows how to put on a show. Theatrics were high on Monday, with the spectacular sets changing almost as often as Tina's outfits.

Tina on stage, and up close on the screen behind her.

Look at those gams!

More than keeping up with her dancers.

Walking in heels, twenty feet in the air, above the audience.

A video of Tina getting the crowd involved with "What's Love Got to Do With It":

A video of nostalgic film clips, energetic Tina, and a packed house:


visioneer said...

Wow, that looked like an incredible show! Wish I was there! I especially liked the last video when you panned around and showed the whole arena.

bernsber said...

I think Matt stole the show on the first clip. :D

Bridgett said...

Yeah, the "hot ticket" I was really referring to was Matt. HaHa. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Makes me want to go and buy another case of Perfect Water!

Great shots!

Diamond Miner

Bridgett said...


Don't understand the PW comment, but thanks for visiting! :)

visioneer said...

I think he meant it was "hot"!!

ajgannon said...

Yep, Tina still has those "knock your socks off" legs, that you captured so well in the photos. I'll go grab some Perfect Water too.