Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are Your "Peanuts" Bio-degradable?

Because I failed to educate an eco-conscious customer on the the high volume of "evil" peanuts she would be receiving with her recent order, I nearly induced a mini-heart attack.

Here is my short (74 seconds) Green Public Service Announcement, designed to heighten awareness and avoid unnecessarily filling our landfills. Pass it on!


David Steadson said...

They also taste good with a little honey! :-)

Problem is you can't wash them first .... :-(

Bridgett said...

And you can eat them right out of the box, like this guy...

Shaun said...

WOW that is awesome. I'm surprised yet at the same time I'm not. Leave it to Amway Global to be a steward in this area.

David Steadson said...

I was at a party yesterday and there were some snacks served - out of a proper packet - and apart from a little colouring they looked and tasted exactly the same as Amway "peanuts"!

Time to add a price and some PV? :-)

alpha said...

I remember when a voicemail was put out in Ireland about how to dispose of this type of fill - It was then announced at a function and the credit was given to the IBO who put out the voice mail - but all he did was read his Amagram - This was a few years ago. Were we ahead of the USA??

Bridgett said...

In a word...yes.

There is zero information given out about these peanuts.
I only knew what to do with these peanuts because I receive a package (maybe 15 years ago) from Crate & Barrel and they had these peanuts WITH instructions in the box.
After more than a couple of years of trying to get the corporation to INFORM people about these peanuts, I've "resorted" to doing this post. :)

David Steadson said...

Yeah, I recently discovered the tea Amway Europe sells is from one of England's most exclusive, award winning Tea companies - and it's fair trade and rainforest alliance certified!

Amway however prefers to keep their suppliers anonymous :(