Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cash In The Mail: What Would You Do?

I almost tossed the envelope without opening it.

Chicago Magazine  with the help of Ipsos Mendelsohn sent me a survey to fill out and a $5 bill.

Looking at how long the eight-page document would take to complete, the five dollars doesn’t motivate me. Nor does the carefully worded letter saying I'm "part of a small, carefully selected sample..."

But the fact that they offered me the compensation, in cash and upfront, regardless of whether I filled out the survey, fascinates me.

Would you fill it out? Why? Why not?

If not for $5, how much money would it take? Or would something else push you to do it?

Would you have any guilt enjoying a double-scoop ice cream cone with that five bucks if you simply tossed the survey in the recycling?

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